MLB and the Los Angeles Angels sent us a project brief looking for a piece for superstar Mike Trout that could be sold exclusively in their stadium for the 2018 season. The Black cap incorporated a trout logo with his number to create a custom logo treatment. The side hit uses Trout’s MVP trophy as a woven patch. The top of the visor utilizes a faux fish/snake scale pattern to elevate the cap fabric story. The red cap focused on the Angels team, while also pulling from familiar elements Trout has used in his apparel and cleat lines. I chose a faux perf leather in the team primary color along with a matching satin lining. The front application is a molded logo and the side call out is another unique logo treatment featuring Mike Trout’s two league MVP trophies. The under visor uses a technique exclusive to this cap, taking an interpretation of the trout fish rainbow pattern and screen printing it matte over an iridescent gold fabric. The box was then modeled after the caps, using the unique patterns and elements described above.


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